Azerbaijani Network of Academics (ANA)
Enabling through Network
Washington, District of Columbia 
June 17-18, 2019 

The Azerbaijani Network of Academics (ANA) brings together American and Azerbaijani researchers and scholars currently residing in the United States to stimulate and streamline Azerbaijan-related wide-ranging research. The ANA will organize its first academic symposium in June 17-18, 2019 at the George Washington University where US-based Azerbaijani researchers, other researchers on and from Azerbaijan will come together to conduct discussions about academic topics related to Azerbaijan: 
In this regard, the Symposium aims to provide an academic, ideational and conceptual support to the following areas:

  • The US-Azerbaijan academic, humanitarian, and business partnership;
  • Development of the Azerbaijani community in the US;
  • National security and economic well-being of Azerbaijan;
  • Problems of the World Azerbaijanis. 

As a result of the Symposium, the following objectives are planned to meet:

  • Sharing innovative and contemporary research methodology and tools among young scholars;
  • Increasing academic cooperation between the American-Azerbaijani researchers;
  • Forming research topics and groups related to Azerbaijan and its community in the US;
  • Establishing the foundation for joint academic publications and projects; 

Identifying ANA’s priority areas:
One of the main components of the Symposium is to ensure the active involvement and participation of the doctoral students studying in Azerbaijan in the research and project implementation so that they can participate in the scientific discussions with the doctoral students from the US, present practical modules meeting the modern requirements, and develop a special proposals project for the implementation of successful practices locally. 
During the Symposium, scholars will not only present their ideas and research topics but also carry out extensive discussions and presentations on strengthening the academic network and expanding its activities. 
Based on the objectives mentioned above, the Symposium will cover the following topics:

  • Modern Education and Human Development;
  • Azerbaijani identity and Azerbaijani community in the United States;
  • The national security of Azerbaijan;
  • Business, Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resources;
  • Scientific Discoveries, Innovations, and High Technologies;
  • Supporting young scholars.

The Symposium will consist of plenary sessions and working group discussions. The ANA Core Group will prepare a report of ideas and concepts discussed in the Symposium and submit them to the interested partners. To ensure the sustainability of the project, participants will plan next steps by spending a part of the day on preparing an action plan for participation in existing and future grant competitions. 

Symposium Paper Submission Guidelines:

Following the objectives and topics mentioned above, please submit your abstract (maximum 500 words), prepared using Microsoft Word (Times New Roman, 12), by May 1, 2019, to ANA at Please include “Abstract for Azerbaijani Academic Symposium – Your Name” in the subject line of the e-mail. The abstracts should contain the research topic, research design, key findings/ideas, and preliminary conclusions. Also, in your submission, please include the following details: the title of paper, full name(s) of the author(s), current position, an email address, and at least three keywords that best describe your research topic.

Financial Costs: The ANA sponsors will cover costs associated with the holding of the Symposium. Depending on availability of resources, ANA will also consider covering travel and accommodation of a limited number of Symposium participants residing in the US, including researchers to present at the Symposium. The ANA will provide an additional administrative note on logistical support in early April.