Azerbaijani Network of Academics, ANA

American Azerbaijanis have their unique role on the American soil by enriching culture, doing business and advancing science along with their presence in all other areas of life. As the Azerbaijani community grows in size and diversity, a reinvigorated intellectual debate becomes a must to effectively navigate their fusion into the American society while preserving their unique identity, their contribution to their new home country while strengthening bridges with Azerbaijan.   

ANA fulfills a special mission to streamline academic work on Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis in America to serve both the community and the US society in general serving as an intellectual focal point for the community’s development, promoting Azerbaijan/is related research and acting as a platform to strengthen scientific bridge with academia in Azerbaijan. 

ANA specific objectives include: 
-    Activate and promote Azerbaijan/is related research;  
-    Zoom in aspirations and agenda of the Azerbaijani community;
-    Educate and empower the Azerbaijani community; 
-    Rationalize academic cooperation and bridge-building with Azerbaijan. 

ANA will operate as a loose network associated through online platforms and get-togethers to discuss, streamline and set priorities on Azerbaijan/is related research. A core academic network (CAN) will operate as the ANA core executive body and decide on all network-related issues.

CAN Principles:
CAN shall operate under the following principles:
-    Driven by the ANA mission and objectives;
-    Commitment to academic approach;
-    Collective deliberations and spirit of consensus;
-    Openness and accountability to ANA members;
-    Non-engagement in political processes;

CAN roles and responsibilities:
-    Set internal rules and procedures;
-    Set priorities for research;
-    Form thematic groups to conduct research on set priorities; 
-    Hold academic activities to discuss research findings and other priority topics. 
-    Conduct annual symposiums to review ANA priorities and set agenda.  

ANA welcomes all Azerbaijanis in North America who pursue or hold Ph.D. degree, teach or work in academic institutions and offer support to achieve the network’s objectives. CAN may decide to involve non-PhD professionals who can bring added-value to ANA.